Ioanna D. Liaskoni

Legal Representative

Iris D. Liaskoni

Marketing Coordinator

Christina N. Tsoukala

Senior Sales Operator

Athina G. Chronopoulou

Senior Sales Operator

Spyros M. Karnos

Naval Architect / Marine Engineer

Fotini A. Plessia

Accounting Operator

Isidoros M. Tsagkas

Accounting Operator

Elena A. Vlachou

Senior Sales Operator

Ilia G. Seremetaki

Sales Operator


Andreas Vouvakis & Associates
Accounting & Tax Advisers

Spyros Spyrides – Relians Corporate Services Ltd.
Financial Consultants

Yannis Manios
Legal Consultant

AJ Bournelis & Associates
Legal Consultant

Business & Information Technology Consultants

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